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Games for toddlers: touchscreen software for windows

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Skalemoe: one program containing 10 games for toddlers!

Skalemoe screensaver

Skalemoe main menu
ScreensaverMain menu

Skalemoe painting and drawing

Skalemoe Shapes
game: Painting and drawinggame: Shapes

Skalemoe Feeding the animals

Skalemoe Silhouettes
game: Feeding the animalsgame: Silhouettes

Skalemoe Balloons

Skalemoe Rotation puzzle
game: Balloons game: Rotation puzzle

Skalemoe Memory

Skalemoe Uniforms
game: Memory game: Uniforms

Skalemoe Hide and Seek

Skalemoe Transport
game: Hide & seek game: Transport
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