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Cyberkidz presents : preschool games for toddlers


Skalemoe: one windows program containing 10 educational games for toddlers!
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These Cyberkidz preschool games have been designed for toddlers and the way they develop their skills.

Use Skalemoe on a Windows Tablet or PC with a touchscreen (or with a mouse) at home or at kindergarten.

  • for toddlers
  • language free


Educational and fun!
  • Creative stimulant
  • Refinement of skills
  • fun and educational
  • toddler proof
  • 1 - 4 years
  • Touchscreen
    Smartboard / IWB
    tablet PC

10 games

Game gallery
  1. painting & drawing
  2. shapes
  3. feeding the animals
  4. silhouettes
  5. balloons
  6. rotation puzzle
  7. memory
  8. uniforms
  9. hide&seek
  10. transport

Cyberkidz games for Toddlers: Skalemoe.

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